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Strategic Plan

Download our complete strategic plan

Strategic Planning Implementation Team
  • SGM Dr.Chris McConnell, mcconnell1584(at)msn.com
  • SWM Dr. Jane Allison Otto drjaotto(at)sbcglobal.net
  • SS Dr.John H. Prey, supremescribe(at)deltsig.org
  • IPSGM Dr. Rocco Ciccone, a4n6dds(at)yahoo.com
  • PSGM Dr. Neal J. Cronin, nealcronin(at)aol.com¬†
  • PSGM Dr.S.Michael Mahan, lcmahan(at)juno.com
  • PSGM Dr. Douglas F.Wright, dwright(at)adelphia.net
  • PSGM Dr. Hugh P. Champagne, hugh(at)deltsig.com
  • PSGM Dr. Thomas C. Lakars, tlakars(at)uic.edu
  • PSGM Dr. David E. Hertel, davehertel(at)yahoo.com
  • PSGM Dr. Medick M. Capirano, mmc4(at)pop.pitt.edu
  • PSGM Dr.George W. Sferra, Jr. drgwsjr(at)mindspring.com
  • PSGM Dr. James S. Tinkle, tinklej(at)ohsu.edu
  • PSGM Dr. Louis R Farrugia, louis.farrugia(at)tufts.edu
  • PSGM Dr. Greg Ganzkow, ganzkowdds(at)comcast.net
  • PSGM Dr.Robert E. Carson, ¬†Robert-Carson(at)ouhs.edu

Organization Goals
Goal 1

Equip each DSD member to contribute their best to the profession and to the Fraternity by expanding uses of resources of the Education Foundation

Coordinator(s): P.Chuck Moyer

Goal 2

Increase the number of Graduate Chapters and restore Graduate Chapters to vibrant organizations, with members eager to attend meetings and work to accomplish DSD goals.

Coordinator(s): David E. Hertel davehertel(at)yahoo.com

Goal 3

Provide value to members by planning and holding meetings.


Goal 4

Anticipate and meet changing needs by assessing members' needs annually and making changes to keep "ahead of the times."

Coordinator(s): Medick M. Capirano mmc4(at)pop.pitt.edu

Goal 5

Instill pride in being a Delt Sig by recognizing and communicating the accomplishments ofDSD and members at every opportunity.

Coordinator(s): James E. Overberger

Goal 6

Fully employ all available technology and methods to communicate to members and to facilitate communications between members.

Coordinator(s): Hugh P. Champagne hugh(at)deltsig.com

Goal 7

Provide value to each DESMOS recipient by tailoring the publication to meet the needs of all members

Coordinator(s): Lon D. Carroll LonCarroll(at)aol.com

Goal 8

Restore the pride, prestige, history and heritage provided by rituals and ceremonies by maintaining them as prescribed "by-the-book" for each meeting.

Coordinator(s): S. Michael Mahan lcmahan(at)juno.com

Goal 9

Restore the basics of DSD Pride, Brotherhood, Commitment and Professionalism

Coordinator(s): Michael A. Dill macvadp(at)aol.com

Goal 10

DSD should become more representative of the profession in terms of Age, Gender, and Ethnic background.


Goal 11

Increase active participation in chapters.

Coordinator(s): David F. Hertel davehertel(at)yahoo.com

Goal 12

Use the "Clout" of 30,000 Members to provide special benefits to DSD members.


Goal 13

Challenge senior DSD members and involve them in the leadership, education and development of younger members.

Coordinator(s): Arthur P. Mourino amourino(at)gems.vcu.edu

Goal 14

Increase active membership and commitment in DSD undergraduate chapters.

Coordinator(s): James S. Tinkle, Jr. tinklej(at)ohsu.edu Chris McConnell

Goal 15

Ensure that qualified student candidates are not "lost" in the transition between school and active practice/teaching by facilitating their induction into an active graduate chapter


Goal 16

Provide value to DSD's members who do not attend DSD meetings.

Coordinator(s): William J. Kelly, Jr. Wjlbkelly(at)aol.com Hugh Champagne hugh(at)deltsig.com

Goal 17

Provide effective leadership and administration for DSD

Coordinator(s): George W. Sferra, Jr drgwsjr(at)mindspring.com

Goal 18

Ensure that DSD's financial resources are effectively managed and employed to achieve DSD goals

Coordinator(s): Gary H. Westerman ghwester(at)creighton.edu Miro A. Pavelka